Welcome to Manege Nieuw Amstelland,  Amsterdam’s finest riding school.


Beautifully situated in the Amsterdamse Bos you will find Manege Nieuw Amstelland. We are open for riding lessons 7 days per week for all ages and levels of experience.

What do we offer?

Children (5 yrs – 18 yrs)

Groups lessons: from the age of 5 children may join the Pixie lessons. The lessons last 30 minutes and a parent/carer will be required to hold the pony and walk beside the child. From the age of 6 the children may join the beginners group (60 minutes). Once they are able to walk, trot (sitting and rising), steer and have a canter, all independently, the instructor will suggest they move up a level to a more advanced class.

When children have grown and have become too tall to ride our ponies, they join one of our junior horse riding lessons at an appropriate level. 


Adults will start their lessons at Manege Nieuw Amstelland with one or several private lessons. After an initial assessment more experienced riders will be advised at which level they may join a group lesson or they may continue taking private lessons. Beginning riders will generally require  a series of private lessons to be able to join the beginners group lesson.

Riding in the Amsterdamse Bos

Our instructors take out their more advanced group lessons on rides in the Bos on a regular basis weather permitting.  Suitable advanced private clients may also be escorted on a hack out. New clients will be required to have a private lesson first so the instructor may assess their level of competence. We do not rent out horses to take out in the Bos without an escort.

What else…

We organise fun and educational activities throughout the year for all our riders.

- jumping lessons

- hacks

- clinics

- pony camp

- competitions

- one off afternoon courses

- games 


Are you looking for suitable place to keep your own horse? We offer a comprehensive livery service. Please talk to one of members of staff or contact us via email.